Cascading darkness over dreamy pop synths decorate the landscape of Ceara Cavalieri’s latest single, I Wish. A powerful anthem for victims of romantic betrayal, I Wish carries the trademark craftsmanship of a successful pop song, but avoids falling into the trap of your typical top forty ballad.  The song starts off with a haunting, tremolo-guitarContinue reading “I WISH-CEARA CAVALIERI//Single Review”


Surging with a feminine edge, Sizzy Rocket’s latest release, Rollerskating, reflects on a long-lost first love. This track shimmers like the summer sun on a crystal blue lake, full of airy vocals and spacious guitar. Rollerskating picks up just enough in the chorus, packing a punch while still maintaining its effortlessly cool aura. For aContinue reading “ROLLERSKATING-SIZZY ROCKET//Single Review”


Feel-good pop with a bitingly honest lyrical complexity: that’s what you get with Cali Rodi’s latest single, God Save The Queen. Relentless in her positivity and light-hearted production, Rodi plays upon familiar tropes of pop music to subvert the expectations that society places on modern women. The song opens with an already powerful vocal, overContinue reading “GOD SAVE THE QUEEN-CALI RODI//Single Review”


Sweet, feminine, indie pop is on the rise in 2020, and it’s a beautifully refreshing break from its oversaturated, male-fronted counterpart. Caitie Inson, who goes by the stage name Femmebug, rides this wave with her succulent single, Unlearn. This song is delicately balanced, leaving nothing to be desired except a second listen. Gentle flourishes ofContinue reading “UNLEARN-FEMMEBUG//Single Review”

SWITCH-SERA//Single Review

Bewitching and full of surprises, Switch, the latest single from North Wales singer-songwriter, SERA, breathes new life into the time-honored tradition of folk music. With the help of esteemed producer, Andi Crutwell-Jones, SERA spins electronica motifs into a heavily-orchestrated arrangement. This song has something for everyone.  From the get-go, Switch lives up to its title,Continue reading “SWITCH-SERA//Single Review”


In their debut single, Elephant, Tales In The Shade gripe about the internet age. Thick, gritty, baselines and haunted synth textures create the perfect backdrop for Samantha Alland and Sam Griffiths to highlight each other’s vocals. The song plays like a rally cry for the frustrated, and calls to mind the identically-named Elephant by TameContinue reading “ELEPHANT-TALES IN THE SHADE//Single Review”