It’s pretty easy to feel burnt out in the mist of a pandemic that seems like it will never end. Sometimes, our brains just need a break, some easy listening or a lapse from this bleak reality. The aptly-named, Holiday By Mistake, provides exactly that.  Recorded in quarantine by the Amherst-based duo, Gilt Head, HolidayContinue reading “HOLIDAY BY MISTAKE-GILT HEAD//Album Review”

BLOOM-WYNT//Single Review

Hard hitting from start to finish, Bloom, the latest single from South-Wales alt-rock band WYNT, is nothing short of a rock and roll battle cry. Bloom is bursting with thick layers of guitar and powerful drums, the kind of song that would be right at home on a party playlist.  As a band, WYNT drawsContinue reading “BLOOM-WYNT//Single Review”


Cascading darkness over dreamy pop synths decorate the landscape of Ceara Cavalieri’s latest single, I Wish. A powerful anthem for victims of romantic betrayal, I Wish carries the trademark craftsmanship of a successful pop song, but avoids falling into the trap of your typical top forty ballad.  The song starts off with a haunting, tremolo-guitarContinue reading “I WISH-CEARA CAVALIERI//Single Review”