In their debut single, Elephant, Tales In The Shade gripe about the internet age. Thick, gritty, baselines and haunted synth textures create the perfect backdrop for Samantha Alland and Sam Griffiths to highlight each other’s vocals. The song plays like a rally cry for the frustrated, and calls to mind the identically-named Elephant by TameContinue reading “ELEPHANT-TALES IN THE SHADE//Single Review”


In a time when leaving your house is practically a crime, a song titled Stuck in the Kitchen is not hard to relate to. London-based indie-pop quartet, Big Wednesday, delivers their self-titled EP at just the right moment in history. But it’s more than their single’s cultural relevance that draws the listener in. Jangly guitarsContinue reading “BIG WEDNESDAY-BIG WEDNESDAY//EP Review”


Ever wonder what innocence corrupted sounds like? Look no further than Personal Monster, the forthcoming EP from Welsh singer-songwriter Bryony Sier. In her first full EP, Sier breaks down her own defenses and explores her personal demons with songs that reveal both strength and vulnerability. With all the honey of Americana, and the punch ofContinue reading “PERSONAL MONSTER-BRYONY SIER//EP Review”

CAGE-BLOOM!//Single Review

“I’m trapped in a cage, feeling sorry for myself,” sings Sophie Bryan of South Wales pop-rock trio, Bloom!. Honestly, aren’t we all right now? In their all-too-relatable single, Cage, Bloom! gives us a glimpse into a life behind closed doors. The lyrics pour out in a stream of moody musings, over angelic finger-picked, guitar. Cage’sContinue reading “CAGE-BLOOM!//Single Review”