If you’re tired of the same ten Christmas songs year after year and hungry for something new to ring in the yuletide, look no further than Rebecca Hurn’s Something About Christmas. This song is a breath of fresh air, crisp like the winter wind and sweet like freshly baked holiday cookies. 

Simple yet decadent in its instrumentation, Something About Christmas creates a wealth of space for Hurn’s vocals to sparkle. Acoustic guitar and soft undertones of orchestral synth replace the expected jingle bells, bringing listeners a modern-day, December ballad. 

What really shines in this song is its lyrical integrity. There’s something quite magical about a tune that builds its own world and really sticks to the imagery that would be found in said world. In Something About Christmas, Hurn paints a picture of, “a shiny red bow on a fireplace.” She describes her heartbreak at a time of year when every movie and song is more focused on picture-perfect romance, singing, “I’ll wrap my heart and fill the broken parts with left over glitter glue.” The imagery in this tune explores the other side of the coin, the lonely parts of the holiday season that are often ignored. 

Hailing from Porthcawl in South Wales, Rebecca Hurn has been steadily building an impressive resume with her original music. Her critically-acclaimed EP, Waves, won her the Independent Music Award for Best Folk Songwriter, and her craft has led her back and forth between South Wales and New York City for the past couple of years. Something About Christmas was released on December 4th, 2020, and listeners can also expect a refreshing acoustic version of the song, out on December 18th.

For anyone preparing for a less than stellar Christmas in a year of uncertainty, Rebecca Hurn has come through with a perfectly-timed present. Something About Christmas will hear your longing and show you that you’re not alone. And for everyone else, this song will provide a much-needed reprieve from the same old Christmas music you’ve heard a million times. 

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Check out Something About Christmas HERE:

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  1. An instant classic! “Maybe it’s the mulled wine, maybe it’s the yuletide, maybe it’s the memories” – the Holidays are definitely an evocative time.


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