Dreamy and full of vibrant atmosphere, Cold Shoulders, the debut single from widescreen, indie-rockers, Morning Arcade, makes a lasting first impression. With its drawn out, five minute run time, the song defies industry expectations. Despite its length, however, Cold Shoulders never drags, but rather uses its broad shoulders to play out the full ebb and flow of its cinematic soundscape. 

Full to the brim with hazy synths and textures, the single doesn’t rest on production alone. Smooth guitar runs and more familiar elements of the indie genre line the track, creating a tantalizing backdrop for the band’s airy vocals. The song itself sounds like something you might hear inside a dream. It’s reminiscent of a sunlit field in the late summer, warm and gentle. 

The band set out to create the perfect soundtrack for a late-night drive and Cold Shoulders has perfectly captured this feeling. “Behind the back of the stirring motor, far away out of your mind,” the vocals roll in, painting an immediate picture to set the scene. You can almost see yourself riding in the back seat of an old car, with Cold Shoulders playing through the radio. In the latter half of the song, a single line takes dominance, “only you can save the world.” This comes through as a reflection of the sort of thought that arises in the depths of the night.

The songwriting yields to spacious guitars, rather than building up a traditional, vocal-driven chorus right off the bat. This speaks to Morning Arcade’s creativity and flexibility when it comes to song structure. In a genre with psychedelic elements, the boundaries are looser and the band’s willingness to experiment is impressive for a fledgling project. 

Though Morning Arcade is a relatively new band, they have already been signed to the Cardiff-based, Welsh label, Phwoar & Peace, and are steadily on the rise in South Wales as an up and coming act to keep an eye on. If you are late to the party, now is the time to get on board. With a debut song as tempting as Cold Shoulders, the future is bound to hold great things for Morning Arcade.

Color Code: Lavender 

You can check out Cold Shoulders HERE:

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