Indie psych rock has found a fresh face with Stockholm’s Marble Mammoth. With their latest single, Have The Sun Lick Your Mind, the relatively new band establish an undeniable ability to brighten the airwaves. 

The song kicks off with a playful bass groove, reminiscent of a rubber ball bouncing between corners of a room. Fuzzed out, psychedelic guitars round out the edges of the landscape, clearing a path for a spacey vocal that would find itself right at home in the sixties. An exciting combination of drawn-out verses and rhythmic chorus lines leaves you eagerly awaiting the melody’s next turn.

There’s something quite magical about the music that comes out of Scandinavia, something in the way the words fall into place, just askew of how you would expect. The song’s title line, “have the sun lick your mind,” while completely cohesive, is phrased so uniquely; it carries a certain charm that can’t be faked. “Come together again, this is our time,” sings Marble Mammoth, as the chorus draws to a close. What a message of positivity and, just as the title suggests, sunshine. Everything about this single exudes retro psychedelia—though that’s not to say it doesn’t have legs in the modern music industry.

Having toured with the likes of The Libertines and Dollhouse, the members of Marble Mammoth are well traveled within the world of music. Though this particular project is on the newer side, it already has a clear direction and an unmistakable sound. Have The Sun Lick Your Mind was released on August 7th, on Klorofyll Records, and offers a tempting peak at the band’s vision.

For fans of psychedelia and those who still feel nostalgic over the sixties, this is a single worth playlisting. Just in time for the final throws of summer, Have The Sun Lick Your Mind, will fill you with a cosmic wave of the good vibes we all sorely need right now. It’s safe to say we should expect big things from Marble Mammoth in the future.

Color Code: Lilac

You can check out Have The Sun Lick Your Face HERE: https://soundcloud.com/user-782420561/have-the-sun-lick-your-mind/s-9Ize6pwqTrB

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