Cascading darkness over dreamy pop synths decorate the landscape of Ceara Cavalieri’s latest single, I Wish. A powerful anthem for victims of romantic betrayal, I Wish carries the trademark craftsmanship of a successful pop song, but avoids falling into the trap of your typical top forty ballad. 

The song starts off with a haunting, tremolo-guitar line, reminiscent of a vintage toy, full of texture and grit. Next come Cavalieri’s airy vocals, fueled by an inner turmoil that shines through in her top line. For a song built on ambient synth pads, I Wish does an excellent job of drawing the listener’s ear just where Cavalieri wants it to go. 

“I wish, I wish I was your only,” Cavalieri sings, as the chorus kicks in, bringing the melodic line to its highest point. It’s no mistake that she’s chosen to synch up the song’s hook with its title—this is a testament to her strong understanding of songwriting as a craft. When asked about the subject matter of her single, Cavalieri has stated that I Wish, “narrates the breakdown of a relationship and the ultimate effect it can have on one’s emotional growth.” With hyper-relatable lyrics that will hit you right in the darkest of memories, I Wish is a battle cry for anyone who has been betrayed by a lover. Cavalieri’s goal with this song is for it to, “show others going through a similar situation how they’re not alone and that realizing your self-worth is the most important thing.”

Cavalieri is a 24 year old singer songwriter from California, inspired by the likes of Kehlani, Halsey and Taylor Swift. After earning a psychology degree from UCLA, she began to dedicate her life to music, full time. She started singing at just three years of age and writing songs as a teenager, but only put out her first release, Say Something, in 2019. With over 50,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, it looks like the decision to take her music seriously has definitely paid off!

For fans of dark, brooding, indie-pop with an empowering message, I Wish, is one for the playlist. Ceara Cavalieri has already proven her prowess as a rising pop icon, but it’s safe to say she’s still got a long, successful road ahead.

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