Surging with a feminine edge, Sizzy Rocket’s latest release, Rollerskating, reflects on a long-lost first love. This track shimmers like the summer sun on a crystal blue lake, full of airy vocals and spacious guitar.

Rollerskating picks up just enough in the chorus, packing a punch while still maintaining its effortlessly cool aura. For a good portion of the track, its arrangement is as simple as can be: light, delicate vocals, gently picked electric guitar, and a swelling backbeat. This is a case of simplicity working as a secret weapon. The decision not to overpopulate Rollerskating’s arrangement with instruments really allows its songwriting to shine. It’s a testament to the strength of Sizzy Rocket’s musical knowledge that this track needs so little in the way of production.

“You’re the one that I’m thinking about when I’m making out with somebody else,” laments Sizzy Rocket in the song’s chorus. And who among us can say they’ve never run into this exact problem? The ability to put down a universal feeling into the lyrics of a song is often what separates true artists from hobbyists, and Sizzy Rocket has certainly managed to assert herself as the former.

After her debut single, Bestie, became a viral sensation that received national media coverage from the likes of New York Magazine and Bustle in 2016, Sizzy Rocket has forged a dedicated following. She has since released a mixtape (Hot Summer, 2017) and an album (GRRRL, 2019) and is now hard at work on her latest full-length project, due out this fall.

Rollerskating is a romantic, effervescent, ode to a universal feeling, the kind of song you’ll want to stream all summer long. It exudes cool and sparkles with a refreshing simplicity that will leave you scouring Sizzy Rocket’s back catalogue for more. 

Color Code: Rose

Check out Rollerskating HERE:

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