Feel-good pop with a bitingly honest lyrical complexity: that’s what you get with Cali Rodi’s latest single, God Save The Queen. Relentless in her positivity and light-hearted production, Rodi plays upon familiar tropes of pop music to subvert the expectations that society places on modern women.

The song opens with an already powerful vocal, over filtered electric guitar and a drum track. In terms of production, its textures are familiar, reminiscent of the music you might hear on a top 40 station. Rodi’s voice is full of strength, a trait that plays a key role in getting her message across. 

“God save the queen who’s still crying in her bed about a boy who broke her heart a year ago,” Rodi sings in the track’s opening line. Right off the bat, we get a sense for the song’s message of female empowerment. The lyrics play up the mentality that all women are queens, that all women should empower each other. “All this pressure about babies and weigh-ins,” sings Rodi, in the Taylor Swift-esque second verse, “It’s only driving me crazy.” For anyone who’s grown up in a female body, this line rings painfully true, and it’s a relief to hear that someone has finally put it into a song.

Photo By: Taylor Florio

Cali Rodi has enjoyed a recent rise in popularity after being discovered by country music’s Keith Urban in Nashville. These days, she finds herself living in LA, working with esteemed producer, Emily Wright (Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Ke$ha) on her next release. 

There are big things on the horizon for Cali Rodi, an already rising star in the world of pop music. Lets hope she holds on tight to her message and continues to raise up the women around her!

Color Code: Pink

You can check out God Save The Queen HERE: https://open.spotify.com/album/2rg5mdtc067u3gqHgnilde

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