Refreshing and light like a summer cider, Key Largo, the debut single from Angel Hotel, delivers the perfect antidote for the heatwave. The song surges with groovy bass riffs and retro exuberance, leaving just enough space for its hook-laden top line to really shimmer.

Right off the bat, the bass sets up a highly danceable atmosphere, mingling with a filtered, wah-guitar for an extra tang. Hints of funk and subtle traces of cowbell decorate the background of Key Largo, creating an intensely vibe-y track. Crisp, honest vocals toy with rhythm as the groove leads way the chorus.

“I fell under your spell and I lost my way,” sings Angel Hotel, drawing us into a spell of their own, “in the closing hour of the dying day.” What a way to describe nightfall. Key Largo’s lyrics follow a rhythmically tantalizing top line, leaving plenty of space for your ear to adjust between lines. There’s something to be said for a song that doesn’t try to cram too much information into its verse—sometimes simple and light is all the song needs. Key Largo’s chorus certainly buys into this mentality, with lyrics so easy to pick up you’ll find yourself singing along before the song is over.

Angel Hotel, who formed earlier this year, hail from Cardiff, South Wales. The three-piece describe themselves as a, “cinematic alternative indie-pop outfit,” and draw their influence from film soundtracks. When asked about the inspiration behind Key Largo, the band calls their song, “a heartfelt, honest account of modern life, full of reflective introspection and hopeful optimism.” This certainly comes across in their single, a track that smiles upon the listener with every note.

Angel Hotel’s Key Largo is a breath of fresh air, full of levity and vivid color. For fans of indie pop and rhythm-driven music, this track is a must. As the band’s debut release, Key Largo is the first of many steps in a very exciting direction.

Color Code: Lemon

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