MONSTERS-Kat Saul//Single Review

With a voice like a crisp, autumn breeze over a complex quilt of synth textures, Kat Saul’s single, Monsters, truly shimmers. Saul’s appreciation for alt-pop shines through in her vocal intensity and honest lyricism, but it’s the combination of alt-rock ethos and modern production that makes this track so tantalizing.  

Monsters draws its first breath in an intimate exposition, with its production stripped back, leaving plenty of room for dynamic exploration. Saul’s vocals are dreamy and refreshing, strong enough to cut through the burst of colors playing out behind them as the song picks up, yet vulnerable enough to elicit an emotional reaction. When asked about the inspiration behind Monsters, Saul has said, “it’s fear of failure, mental health issues, broken relationships, childhood trauma, and all the other shit that goes in a messed-up-baggage-cocktail.” Drawing from a wealth of personal history, she has created a work of raw emotion that draws you in under the guise of a playful pop track. 

“What’s been under my bed just moved into my head,” sings Saul, as the song hits its hook. “When you’re a little kid, you’re afraid of things like the Boogie Man, Dracula, and Zombies,” says Saul, detailing how she now believes that, “real life is way more terrifying than the dark.” For anyone staring down the barrel of the Covid-19 pandemic, which—lets be honest—is everyone right now, Monsters is all too relatable. Saul laments, “I think I’d rather run into a ghost,” as the song dips for the second verse. And who wouldn’t prefer to fight a demon with a face than a lifetime of invisible problems?

Photo by: Matt Blum

Saul channels a long-held appreciation for female-fronted rock bands in her music, drawing inspiration from the likes of Paramore. When it comes to production, however, she opts for cleaner, poppier motifs. She has spent time in the studio with several of the music industry’s big names, including John Rausch (Taylor Swift, P!nk) and Evran Göknar (The Killers, John Lennon, Snoop Dog), and has been featured on Amazon Music’s Weekly One, among other elite showcases. 

Sweet and sassy, bold and vulnerable, Kat Saul ties in the best of her alt-rock influences with modern pop music practices to create a daring exploration into her personal psyche. Monsters boasts something for every type of listener. If you like strong female vocals, hooky pop production, and intimate lyrics, you’ll love Monsters.

Color Code: Violet

Check out Monsters HERE:

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