Intimate and full of delicate charm, Smoking Gun is the latest single from blossoming dream pop artist, MACY. Decadently colorful piano lines the backdrop to MACY’s vocals, rich with reverb and atmosphere. Smoking Gun pulsates with humanity and a raw vulnerability that takes a seasoned singer to get just right. 

Off the back of a blindingly successful 2019, Smoking Gun is the much-anticipated follow up to MACY’s single, Cinema, which saw airplay from BBC sounds, the Adam Walton show, and BBC Wales radio. MACY has worked with several of the big names in the South Wales music scene, including Grammy-nominated writer/artist/producer, Daniel Evans (John Legend-By Christmas Eve), so it’s no surprise her music is so polished and professional. There’s an air of high class to Smoking Gun, akin to something you might hear in a James Bond film. 

“Why you gotta keep on lying?” asks MACY, in the early moments of Smoking Gun’s chorus. There’s a fragile intensity in her delivery of this line that makes you not only believe her but also root for her. Anyone who’s ever been lied to will resonate when MACY sings, “got caught with a smoking gun,” calling out whoever hurt her badly enough to make her write this song. For a simple dream-pop ballad, Smoking Gun is full of nuance and emotional imagery, not to mention its killer title. 

MACY hails from Wales and has been honing her appreciation for dream pop and contemporary R&B since the early age of eleven, when she began writing music. She has spent the past year performing at festivals across South Wales, as part of the Forte Project’s 2019 lineup. Breaking into the world of Spotify algorithms and gatekeeping that currently runs our music industry is no easy task, but MACY has conquered it, having been selected for Spotify’s curated “Easy” playlist this past week. 

A stunningly honest performance that truly showcases its songwriting, Smoking Gun is a shining example of simple production done right. If you’re not already on the MACY bandwagon, now is the time to join. It won’t be long before everyone is trying to claim they heard her music first!

Color Code: Royal Blue

Check Out Smoking Gun HERE:

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