Sweet, feminine, indie pop is on the rise in 2020, and it’s a beautifully refreshing break from its oversaturated, male-fronted counterpart. Caitie Inson, who goes by the stage name Femmebug, rides this wave with her succulent single, Unlearn. This song is delicately balanced, leaving nothing to be desired except a second listen.

Gentle flourishes of piano usher you into the world Femmebug has created for Unlearn. A humble synth hook, dripping with nostalgia for anyone who grew up in the nineties, dances through your ear in the first few moments of the intro. Inson’s vocals are enchanting, full of saturated color and romantic like the last hours of fading light. Unlearn’s landscape brings to mind artists like Lucy Dacus and Snail Mail, staples of a genre that’s still in its early days of domination. By the time the drums kick up in the chorus, you’re already hooked.

“Pinky swear, forget me not, the growing games I left to rot,” sings Femmebug, within the fledgling moments of Unlearn, painting a stunningly faded portrait of a childhood many of us will recognize. Her lyrics are vivid and full of imagery, shimmering gems in an already captivating arrangement. “My future’s looking pretty bleak,” Femmebug carries on, lamenting on a feeling to which an entire generation can relate. Unlearn’s sheer simplicity is one of its greatest strengths, relying on the craftsmanship of the song itself, rather than trying to tangle its listener in a web of studio magic. 

Swansea-born Inson has been making music since she was fourteen. Now, roughly six years later, her first release drips with musical proficiency. It’s not an easy task to create music that sounds this simple while still holding the listener’s attention in its every note. Inson draws inspiration—just as you’d expect—from female singer-songwriters like Alvvays and Taylor Swift. 

If you’re wondering what the future of indie music sounds like, look no further than Femmebug. Just in time to cash in on the influx of female songbirds gracing our Spotify playlists and radio airwaves, Unlearn is a vulnerable treasure that sounds right at home in its genre. 

Color Code: Strawberry

Check out Unlearn HERE: https://open.spotify.com/track/5Ik6PIZv95ZNqiuLG5HWm8?si=eVjW1-8wRBi4gg3sau3eZA

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