SWITCH-SERA//Single Review

Bewitching and full of surprises, Switch, the latest single from North Wales singer-songwriter, SERA, breathes new life into the time-honored tradition of folk music. With the help of esteemed producer, Andi Crutwell-Jones, SERA spins electronica motifs into a heavily-orchestrated arrangement. This song has something for everyone. 

From the get-go, Switch lives up to its title, reeling you in with dream-like vocals over a layer of airy synth, and then surprising you with fiddle and acoustic guitar mere seconds later. The result is a sound that pushes the boundaries of both pop and Americana. Switch is bold, energetic, and most importantly, it sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before. There’s no shortage of influences in this song. From the Fleetwood Mac-esque kick drum that stomps behind the verses to the soaring prominence of SERA’s vocals, a la Florence + The Machine, there is a clear musical context in Switch’s texture. 

Sera Zyborska, better known as SERA, grew up in Caernarfon, North Wales, a place with a rich history and culture. She finds herself fascinated by folklore, and often draws inspiration from the tradition of storytelling. In her latest work, SERA explores themes from steam punk to Frankenstein, delving into familiar tropes like that of the comic book superhero. 

In the Switch’s chorus, SERA muses, “Will my life be my own for the first time,” drawing from a place of anxiety and nostalgia. But there’s a natural confidence in her vocals that leads you to believe she already knows the answer. The chorus evokes the image of a faraway time and place—a ship lost at sea or a renaissance fairground, perhaps. Much like the stories SERA grew up hearing, Switch is full of whimsy and dark magic.

For fans of Americana and folk, lovers of complex electronica, and anyone looking for a sound they’ve never heard before, Switch will hit the musical spot. SERA has already begun to bloom as a singer-songwriter, having been selected for the BBC Horizons 2019-2020 scheme, and it’s clear she’s got a long future still ahead. 

Color Code: Cotton

You can hear Switch HERE: https://open.spotify.com/track/2UeEAec98G1J5KRre4hoKs?si=q1VKg6cuR8uGnOERTUrMfQ

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