“It’s magic,” sing Juju Wings on their upcoming single, The Wonder. And that “magic” certainly shines through in the song. Built on a foundation of stabbing grand piano and broken synthesizers, The Wonder conjures a world of whimsical speculation. It opens on a synth swell, with the drums kicking up seconds later to reel in an undulation of Tame Impala-esque bass grooves. With a complex soundscape of atypical instrumentation, Juju Wings ooze psychedelia.There are so many textures in the layers of this song that you’ll pick up something new with each listen.

Rhodri Davies and Niu Gerbier, the creative forces behind Juju Wings, first met in the suburbs of Sydney, but have since relocated to the Central Coast. They have been collaborating for the past five years, blending their contrasting approaches to the craft to create a fresh, unpredictable sound that will perk your ears. Together, the duo is eager to defy the limits of synth pop music, which is exactly how The Wonder got its etherial shimmer.

When asked what The Wonder is about, Juju Wings have described it as an ode to, “the incredulous natural phenomena that surround us, which we take for granted every day.” What a time to be thinking so deeply about nature and the unseen spirituality of the universe. With The Wonder, Juju Wings have created a space for the mind to expand. 

The songwas released on July 1st, as part of a plan to put out a new single and video on the first of each month, until Juju Wings are allowed to gig again. Their album, Hello Friends!, is set to come out in October, on the label I Ka Ching. Juju Wings are definitely one to keep an eye on if you’re into texturized synth-pop with a psychedelic ethos. 


Check out The Wonder HERE:

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