Shimmering and surging with a confident power, Dead Method’s single, Babylon, is a queer anthem for anyone who’s ever been cast out for living their truth. Dead Method’s spirit shines over surging, electronic swells and beats with so much texture that you can practically touch them.

In collaboration with South Wales producer, James Minas, Dead Method weaves their message of empowerment into a neon quilt of musical intrigue. Even without Babylon’s fierce lyrics, this is enough to keep the listener’s ears perked.

“Do I belong in Babylon?” asks Dead Method, leading into the song’s chorus, “Yes I fucking do!” Without looking back, Babylon spits in the face of an oppressively heteronormative society. Dead Method sings with a scathing earnestness, the kind of strength that can only be forged from fighting one’s own demons. 

When asked about the song’s meaning, Dead Method has said they drew inspiration from their own personal experience, watching friends and lovers whose families have refused to accept them for who they are. They detail one specific instance when a former lover was forced back to his home country until he agreed to hide his bisexuality. “I loved a boy once, at what cost,” they sing, “His mother warned him not to speak, his daddy broke him down ’til he was weak.” And what a devastating thought it is that, even in 2020, so many LGBTQ+ people are still forced to hide their true selves, at the cost of love and freedom. 

Dead Method is here to help change all of that. Well on their way to becoming a queer icon for the modern age, they aren’t afraid to challenge the ways of yesterday’s society. Babylon’s lyrics are jam-packed with allusions to, “the notions of an old world gone.” Even the song’s title drips with religious context, juxtaposing old and new ways of thinking in nearly every line. 

Babylon is the first single off Dead Method’s debut album, Queer Genesis, which is set to be released in September 2020. And judging by Babylon’s eye-opening honesty, we can expect a wealth of empowerment from the rest of the album. Dead Method has taken a bold step and put their truth on display for the world to hear. If the rest of its tracks are anywhere near as powerful as Babylon, Queer Genesis will stand as a beacon of hope for the LGBTQ+ community.

Color Code: Neon Green

You can hear Babylon HERE:

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