An enigmatic soundscape of tantalizing texture, Breaking Out immediately sparks the listener’s curiosity. With a live drum sound beneath deep waves of synth, the debut single from Ghostlawns pulls elements from several different genres to create something fresh and untapped.

Ghostlawns are a Cardiff-based, musical collective whose members are all seasoned veterans in the South Wales music scene. Fans may recognize their roster from such acts as Right Hand Left Hand, Gulp, Gentle Good, and Cotton Wolf, to name a few. With years of industry flavor under their belt, it’s no surprise that the very first track we hear from Cardiff supergroup, Ghostlawns is so well-sculpted. 

Breaking Out showcases its gritty synth lines above sweet and spacey vocals, dipping its toe in psychedelia. While its top line lends an immediately catchy anchor for listeners to follow, the real crux of this song is its atmosphere. It’s easy to get lost in the canopy of Breaking Out, a testament to its colorful production.

Ghostlawns have recently finished recording their debut album, Motorik, with esteemed producer, Charlie Francis (REM, Robyn Hitchcock). The album, which will feature songs in both Welsh and English, is set to be released on the collective’s own label on October 31st, 2020. And what day of the year could be more fitting than Halloween for a band called Ghostlawns?

Having already contributed to Focus Wales and Swn Festival, Ghostlawns are off to a blazing start. Their album taster, Y Gorwel, has garnered a warm reception from BBC radio, as well as several international stations. It’s not hard to see why DJ’s across the world have been eager to spin Breaking Out; this song is daringly experimental, while still familiar enough to hold its listener. Expect great things from mysterious, electro-rockers, Ghostlawns.

Color Code: Violet

Find out more about Ghostlawns HERE:

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