Do you remember how it felt to be twenty one with a bottle in your hand and a night of endless possibility ahead? One South Wales band does, and they’re here to remind you. Modern day rock n rollers, Super Marine, are no strangers to success. With thousands of streams on Spotify and an impressive resume of radio airplay, they prepare to release their single, “Long Walk Home,” an indie rock ode to the thrills and trials of youth. 

Fierce drum hits and bright, electric guitar set the stage for Long Walk Home. “Where is this place I’ve never been,” asks singer Rhys Davis, in an excited voice that calls the listener back to the joy of simpler times. As the vocals develop, the guitars thin out into a textured riff that carries the top line like the crest of a wave. The sound of summer is woven into this song. Its chorus is punchy and simple in phrasing, perfect for singing along. 

“It’s a long walk home,” sings Davis in the chorus, over sturdy harmonies, “I can’t see straight, is it alright if I come home with you tonight?” If you close your eyes, you can taste the rum and coke, feel the cool breeze of a late summer night as you stumble through a sleeping city. Super Marine have perfectly captured the fleeting freedom that comes in those short years between school and responsibility. 

Drawing inspiration from bands like Catfish and the Bottlemen and Foo Fighters, the beating heart of modern rock shines through in Super Marine’s music. With simple, vocal phrases, and unpretentious guitar lines, Super Marine writes songs that captivate rock and pop fans alike.

Long Walk Home is an anthemic gem, the final addition to Super Marine’s Limited Edition EP. The song is available for streaming from July 3rd and it’s not one you’ll want to miss. The rising kings of South Wales rock n roll have done it again. 

Color Code: Cerulean

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