CAGE-BLOOM!//Single Review

“I’m trapped in a cage, feeling sorry for myself,” sings Sophie Bryan of South Wales pop-rock trio, Bloom!. Honestly, aren’t we all right now? In their all-too-relatable single, Cage, Bloom! gives us a glimpse into a life behind closed doors. The lyrics pour out in a stream of moody musings, over angelic finger-picked, guitar.

Cage’s intro is full of brooding. Bryan details self-doubt and distrust, the feeling of being trapped without hope. An entire song along these lines may have become too heavy, but luckily, Bloom! doesn’t fall into this trap. Just as drummer Rhia Greer raises her sticks into the air for her entrance, Bryan draws a final breath and throws in the line, “but I can still breathe.” And suddenly, so can the listener. From this moment on, Cage exudes power and strength.

Bloom! formed in 2019 and has since been making waves in the Cardiff music scene. Inspired by artists like ACDC and Joan Jett, it’s easy to see where the fire in their sound comes from. Unfortunately, it’s still rare to find a band with a female drummer, but Rhia Greer of Bloom! has been pushing this boundary for over a year and her fierce yet gentle brand of beats helps to carve a distinct sound for the band. Complete with meaty bass runs and an unforgeable anger that oozes authenticity, Bloom! manages to cram both sweet and sour into a single track. 

An important step in an up and coming band’s path to notability, Cage is an anthem for anyone craving a taste of freedom. Bloom! has built a fresh and fiery sound, and they know how to leave their listener wanting more.


You can check out Bloom!’s socials HERE:

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