In a time when leaving your house is practically a crime, a song titled Stuck in the Kitchen is not hard to relate to. London-based indie-pop quartet, Big Wednesday, delivers their self-titled EP at just the right moment in history. But it’s more than their single’s cultural relevance that draws the listener in.

Jangly guitars and elegantly executed drum lines hook you right from the get-go. By the time the vocals kick in, the song’s got you right where it wants you. Jazz chords and tidy fills work together to propel a playful vocal line. Lead singer Harvey Badger delivers painstakingly relatable gems like, “boys get lonely waiting for their lives to start,” with a smile that jumps through the speakers. Big Wednesday knows just how to use their standard, four-piece, lineup to their advantage. It’s not common to find a newer band with such mastery of song scape, but Big Wednesday uses dynamics as a secret weapon, pulling back for the verses just long enough to leave the listener salivating for the chorus.

The band came together at a drama school in London and have since graced stages throughout the city. They have paid their dues, playing to packed crowds in sweaty bars, as well as several of London’s better-known venues like The Islington and The Victoria. They are no strangers to the thrill of playing live, and this shines through in their studio work. The band has managed to capture all the magic of the stage in their recordings.

There is something tantalizingly retro about the music Big Wednesday has produced. They are, at their core, a feel-good pop outfit, but their sound brushes elbows with the likes of Jellyfish and The Zombies. Just in time for summer, they deliver a danceable trio of songs that ooze color and sunshine. Badger’s vocals mingle with those of bandmate Caitlin Lavagna to create an irresistible blend of sweet and biting, a refreshing reprieve from the sometimes-repetitive indie genre. 

While Stuck in the Kitchen is the band’s standout single, the other two songs are certainly worth a spin. The longingly honest Do Me No Good delivers the softer side of the same coin. Complete with a playful manipulation of a major key into a minor cliffhanger, this song defies the listener’s expectation. Its melodic phrasing guides the song along like a slow-crashing wave. 

Not to be forgotten is Big Wednesday’s ballad Losing Days a welcome change in feel from the rest of the EP. Lavagna and Badger share vocal duties on the verses, weaving color into its tapestry, as the drums kick up like a brewing storm. This song packs all the power of Stuck in the Kitchen but with a deeper emotional pallet. A hidden gem Losing Days is the song which best showcases Big Wednesday’s wealth of musical inspiration. 

With a sound that drips rock and roll history and shimmers like the August sun, Big Wednesday has created a collection of songs that will stand the test of time. Each listen reveals more detail, which keeps the music sounding fresh. This band has a bright future ahead of them, as soon as they—and we— find a way out of the kitchen. 

Color Code: RAINBOW

You can hear Big Wednesday’s self-titled EP here:

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