Ever wonder what innocence corrupted sounds like? Look no further than Personal Monster, the forthcoming EP from Welsh singer-songwriter Bryony Sier. In her first full EP, Sier breaks down her own defenses and explores her personal demons with songs that reveal both strength and vulnerability. With all the honey of Americana, and the punch of rock and roll, Personal Monster blends genre boundaries with style and grace. 

Hailing from Merthyr Tydfil, a little town in the Welsh Valleys, Sier carries the soul of the land of song in her ethereal voice. Her fingers glide at lightning speed across the strings of her guitar, making intricate finger picking look like the easiest task on earth. Inspired by classic acts like Johnny Cash and Leon Bridges, her musical heritage is richer than many, as reflected in her songwriting.

Coming off her debut single, Babylon, the forthcoming EP showcases great personal growth. She has managed to maintain her Fleetwood Mac-esque folk mystique, while playing up some of the pop elements of her genre. Personal Monster plays out to a strong backbeat and bursts with hooks. This is particularly true of the EP’s title track, which tempts you to dance from the moment it takes off. Sier is a singer-songwriter in the truest sense of the word, but she has managed to create a full and lively studio sound that still rings true to her identity as an artist.

Her lyrics are elegant and full of introspection, especially on the song Slaves To What We Want, which brings us the line, “I don’t know who to trust or who to blame.” Full to the brim with doubt and personal growth, this song lets down its armor for all the world to hear. Sier sings soaring melodies over a steady undulation of rhythmic guitar. Her voice exudes youth but her writing professes wisdom. 

Sier began 2020 with the release of her single, ID, an acoustic pop ballad about her struggle with her own identity. ID is the most mainstream track in her songbook. It reaches into the pop musician’s toolbox and emerges victorious with a dance-inducing verse, complimented by a stripped down chorus. The line, “too many people in the club now,” calls to mind the kind of song you might hear blasting from a top 40 station, and that’s not a bad thing. Sier has managed to spin the sound of the current music industry into something that will please indie audiences.

In the jangly shuffle, Everybody’s Dancing, Sier applauds individuality to the beat of a pounding kick drum, a staple of her folk roots. Once again, she has created a pocket of mainstream pop within the confines of her genre. There is something infectious about her blend of old and new, a sound for live-music lovers in search of a song they can sing along to. Everybody’s Dancing provides just that, with a chorus comprised of the single, repeating line, “Everybody’s dancing to their own beat.”

Personal Monster is set to be released on July 17th, 2020, just as the summer hits its peak. It’s no coincidence that Sier has kept her sound light and fresh for the occasion. What stands out the most when listening through Personal Monster is how much Bryony Sier’s sound has matured to find its home within the music industry. If you are a fan of pop music, folk rock, or anything in between, this EP is for you.

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You can check out Bryony Sier’s music here:

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